Initial Thoughts on Polymer

I've been doing some web development off and on for many years (since 1996). I started out in an interpreted language on top of an object database that was serving up a web-based discussion forum that I was writing and shipping. I moved on from there to various other tools over the years including various home-grown templating languages, Django templates, Jinja2 and others. I helped produce web applications using ExtJS, others using jQuery / jQuery UI, and experimented with various other frameworks over the years. I've followed along with what people are doing in ReactJS and related tools like Om. It is all interesting.

A Recent Project

I recently built a web-based UI for a memory / heap profiler for emscripten. This is just some Jinja2 templates and Flask on the server side. The UI is using Bootstrap and went through several iterations of various JS tools and frameworks for handling graphs, grids, and charts. This was something of a nightmare (and honestly, the code still is terrible). Many tools didn't play well together. Some had issues due to CSS or JS clashing. Others just wanted to control more than I wanted to let them control. Getting jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Slick Grid …

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